Aesop: The Fabulist

Role: Art Director + Designer
Studio: Gretel

The Fabulist is Aesop’s literary blog, with essays and stories from some of the top writers from around the globe. Aesop wanted to add value to this sub-brand, which was getting a bit lost in the greater context of Aesop digital. 

We designed a system that is more considered and one that more easily absorbs new content, which comes at irregular intervals from their contributors. We were also asked to create a printed takeaway. Something that could be updated monthly, and was easy to print, but which also feels special and crafted. Each piece features a current story, which literally unfolds as the reader opens the piece.







Executive Creative Director: Greg Hahn
Creative Director: Weston Bingham
Head of Production: Dina Chang
Art Director + Designer: Dylan Mulvaney   
Producer: Haley Klatzkin