MoMA: Short-Form Branding

Role: Designer
Studio: Gretel

The Museum of Modern Art in New York produces dozens of short-form promotional videos each year. They needed a modular, branded solution to unify all of their content. The system had to feel striking and modern, but flexible enough to be updated regularly with new content to match the current exhibition cycle. The full package reels are 30 minutes long and play in the museum and across other platforms. The solution was to create a visual catalog system, a branded archive of content modules. Stories are called forth from the graphic archive and expand into full-frame pieces. Interstitial logo animations are interspersed throughout each reel.



Executive Creative Director: Greg Hahn
Creative Director: Ryan Moore
Director of Photography: Tom Edwards
Designers: Ryan Moore, Dylan Mulvaney
Animators: Irene Park, Joe Russ
Producer: Lisa Muñoz