Vanity Fair: Exclusive Video

Role: Designer
Studio: Gretel

Vanity Fair is a magazine of pop culture, fashion and current affairs published by Condé Nast. To complement the printed edition, they have been producing a series of videos on their website. The content varies from issue to issue and includes everything from behind-the-scenes cover shoots to celebrity interviews to commentary from Graydon Carter himself.

Because the videos are shot, edited and assembled by several different directors, editors and photographers; the graphic packaging was wildly inconsistent. We unified the brand under the moniker "Vanity Fair Exclusive Video" and created a user-friendly graphic package to consistently stamp all video content. Elements included a short into, outro and modular titling system.



Typographic System


Title Cards







Executive Creative Director: Greg Hahn
Creative Director: Ryan Moore
Designer: Dylan Mulvaney
Animator: Andrew Cheung
Producer: Angela Foster