Vice News: Branding

Role: Art Director + Designer
Studio: Gretel

Vice is a groundbreaking newsmagazine series on HBO that tackles global issues often overlooked by traditional media. From anti-government rebellions, to hotbeds of terrorist activity, to conflict and corruption, Vice uses an engrossing documentary style to bring unique perspective to events shaping the future.

The goal was to create a dramatic, cinematic abstraction of what Vice does each week: weave multiple threads into coherent and compelling stories. Multiple timelines reinforce the idea of simultaneous news feeds and multiple sources converging around an issue. It’s also a nod to the format, an assembly in the edit bay. Clips and headlines within the feed can be updated dynamically to show the depth of each week’s feature stories while placing them in the wider world of Vice.


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Executive Creative Director: Greg Hahn
Creative Director: Ryan Moore
Head of Production: Dina Chang
Art Director + Designer: Dylan Mulvaney
Producer: Will Mok        
Lead Animator: Andrew Brown
Animators: Drake Miller, Daniel Clark, Dave Nelson, Danny Kamahji, Ken Tanabe